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Future Disco Interview

For the last 4 year or so I have been a resident for Future Disco here on the island at Space. This year is no different and have been holding down the Premier Etage all summer again and this Tuesday I’ll be making my Future Disco debut on the Sunset Terrace.

They’ve asked me a few questions about various topics and will be sending over a brief mix for the Radio show as well. In the mean time here’s me answering questions.


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Ibiza 2013

Well the season is well underway here in Ibiza and i thought i’d inform you all of the places you’ll be able to hear me play music this summer.


First of all each is the mighty We Love @ Space. The sundays already this summer have been busier than ever and the quality too has been second to none. Can only see that continuing as this months roll on. You can catch me each week on the Premier Etage.

Click here for summer listing

Secondly at Space Ill be back at Carl Cox as part of the Future Disco crew. Each week Future Disco will be hosting the Sunset Terrace pre midnight and the Etage after as well El Salon.

CHeck here for listing

and here

Each Saturday, apart from a few jaunts, Ill be holding down my saturday residency at Lo Cura. Something I have done now for 5 years or so. For those who find it hard to locate it can be even harder to leave.

After playing a few gigs at the end of last season Im happy to be onboard weekly at such an institution in Ibiza’s port. A hang out for many folk and ran by great people i couldn’t be happy to playing records here. IM playing wednesdays currently but that’ll be changing to Fridays shortly.

Last but not least Ill be spinning a couple days a week at Escollera on Es Cavellet. This is the first bar on the left as you head to the beach and as a result gives you a stunning few of the beach. Fantastic location, staff and food. This one is very good for soul.

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Future Disco 2011 – Carl Cox/ Come Together

Ill be back as resident for Future Disco for a second summer. Instead of being contained to Carl Cox, Future Disco will also be appearing at Come Together, which has been moved to the Friday night. As well as having DJ’s such as Faze Action and Jacque Renault, expect a host of new additions to this years line up.

Future Disco Facebook

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Ibiza Spotlight: Resident DJ’s Interview

After being recommended by fellow We Love’er Jem Haynes on the first chapter of these interviews it is my turn to step up and answer a few questions for Ibiza Spotlight


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