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It seems my EP on Vitalik Recordings has sneaked its way on to Beatport yesterday and is now available to purchase. It comes woth two very solid remixes from Soulade aka Ryan O Gorman Music.

Most of the tracks were made whilst sweating away in the living room of the apartment I shared with Andrew Livesey throughout the last 5 of my summer seasons in Ibiza hence the title of the EP. The other was made still with that vibe very much in mind but trying to forget I get a year older the next day

We’ve had a lot of really good feedback from Reboot Denney Danny Howell catz n dogz Shadow Child DJ Felix Dickinson Tooli Carly Foxx DEMI Lars Behrenroth Steve Mac Psychemagik Jacques Renault Konkret Cutz Luca Cazal Chris Fortier Jesse Perez Lovefingers Brett Johnson Neil Diablo Mutant Disco Radio Show Digitaria Tom Budden Baikal Severino DJ Eli & Fur Mouj King Unique Dubfire John Digweed Anthony Pappa jef k Droog Ben Pearce NT89 Karlos Sense and lots more names. Thank you all!

Cheers to Jamie and all at Hype also for the promo. And of course to Mr Ryan O Gorman for having faith in the music enough to put it out there.

Check it out at Beatport

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/246724382" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Future Disco Interview

For the last 4 year or so I have been a resident for Future Disco here on the island at Space. This year is no different and have been holding down the Premier Etage all summer again and this Tuesday I’ll be making my Future Disco debut on the Sunset Terrace.

They’ve asked me a few questions about various topics and will be sending over a brief mix for the Radio show as well. In the mean time here’s me answering questions.


Ibiza 2013

Well the season is well underway here in Ibiza and i thought i’d inform you all of the places you’ll be able to hear me play music this summer.


First of all each is the mighty We Love @ Space. The sundays already this summer have been busier than ever and the quality too has been second to none. Can only see that continuing as this months roll on. You can catch me each week on the Premier Etage.

Click here for summer listing

Secondly at Space Ill be back at Carl Cox as part of the Future Disco crew. Each week Future Disco will be hosting the Sunset Terrace pre midnight and the Etage after as well El Salon.

CHeck here for listing

and here

Each Saturday, apart from a few jaunts, Ill be holding down my saturday residency at Lo Cura. Something I have done now for 5 years or so. For those who find it hard to locate it can be even harder to leave.

After playing a few gigs at the end of last season Im happy to be onboard weekly at such an institution in Ibiza’s port. A hang out for many folk and ran by great people i couldn’t be happy to playing records here. IM playing wednesdays currently but that’ll be changing to Fridays shortly.

Last but not least Ill be spinning a couple days a week at Escollera on Es Cavellet. This is the first bar on the left as you head to the beach and as a result gives you a stunning few of the beach. Fantastic location, staff and food. This one is very good for soul.

Ian Blevins – El Verano 0 12

Last week the lovely We Love lot uploaded a mix I have done, as I do every year, of alot of music I’ve enjoyed at vairous stages throughout the summer. You can visit this post here. Of course there’s too many to put up, but what is left is a selection of music that has recieved alot of airplay throughout the months of May to October. Each track evoking particular memories of time and space in an order that I hope makes sense to those listening from start to finish. Without further adue you can stream the mix on soundcloud here. [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/68162175" iframe="true" /] A download link can be sought from the We Love site be simply visiting here. Don’t forget you can also listen to my live set on the terrace at We Love below also. [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/66217542" iframe="true" /]

Jem Haynes, Ian Blevins – Second Line EP [Colour Series]

At the beginning of Summer 2011, Jem Haynes moved to the flat directly above me. This was soon the beginning of regular coffee’s and music making sessions. After getting involved in a series called Treme, our Second Line guise was born as we sought inspiration in a lot of the songs, drums and rhythms from the music in the series for an EP.

Over a year and a half has gone by and in that time has seen these tracks tested around the globe, including We Love at Ministry of sound and Space in Ibiza where they have worked to full effect on a weekly basis. This debut EP is also the first release on Jem Haynes new Colour Series label. More music is in the pipeline currently from ourselves, Jem and Mike Peters. Check the Colour Series soundcloud for more

Positive feedback so far has come from Jozif, Orde Meikle, Gabriel Ananda, Nic Fanciulli, Luciano, Pete Tong, Sasha, C. Von Stroke, Bookashade, Chris Fortier, Anderson Noise, Dibby Dougherty, Benji Candelario, Lee curtis, Sander Kleinenberg, Rich Hawtin, Stephan Bodzin, ATFC, Tom Thorpe and Andrew Grant.


Here’s clips from two tracks on the EP. Click on the beatport link above for all of them.

B Flat
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/24494737" params="?" width=" 100%" iframe="false" /]

Big Chief
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/24494738" params="?" width=" 100%" iframe="false" /]

Here’s a video I found also that someone posted of me playing Big Chief at for We Love at Green Valley in Brazil.

Ibiza at a glance

With the grim cold and wet just lingering a short distance away, outside basically, I flicked through my summer photos and switched the heating on to somewhere briefly recreate that nice feeling of being on the island. Being the nice chap I am i’d thought i’d share some with you. Not the ones of clubs, or the carnage but those i took that show the beauty of the island and its neighbour Formentera.


We Love Space 2012

Once again I’ve the esteemed pleasure and honour of being one of the We Love residents at Space this summer. Ill be taking the reigns for 12 dates mainly up on the very familiar Premier Etage, as well as the El Salon and the famous Space terrace.

For more information on the dates check my profile here which also features mixes for myself. See you in the sun.

Lexx @ Hostel Salinas, Folk Festival 2011

This mix is from last years Folk festival in Ibiza, and this particular mix is by one of my favourite selectors going, Lexx. After the dissappointment of missing this set after the foolishness of leaving early that day, I was over the moon to see it appear on the excellent blog testing pressing


For more music and infos visit: Lexx (Zürich/Switzerland) or on facebook HERE