Ian Blevins – El Verano 0 12

Last week the lovely We Love lot uploaded a mix I have done, as I do every year, of alot of music I’ve enjoyed at vairous stages throughout the summer. You can visit this post here. Of course there’s too many to put up, but what is left is a selection of music that has recieved alot of airplay throughout the months of May to October. Each track evoking particular memories of time and space in an order that I hope makes sense to those listening from start to finish. Without further adue you can stream the mix on soundcloud here. [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/68162175" iframe="true" /] A download link can be sought from the We Love site be simply visiting here. Don’t forget you can also listen to my live set on the terrace at We Love below also. [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/66217542" iframe="true" /]

Ian Blevins : Buses and Beaches @ Tourist Blog

I was asked to do a mix by the upstanding citizens who run the Tourist blog, amongst their other worldly exploits. Fresh from a fairly relaxing trip around South America, with an unchanged ipod I was already to compile a mix reflecting the last few months, reminding me, through aural stimulus, memories from the trip. The tourist blog would be a perfect outlet for such a random selection of music. So without further adue you may follow the link below.


Archived mixes

After stumbling across a page on my old website I’ve totally forgot there were alot of old mixes archived. These go back a while and Im not quite which links are working or not. Ill let you figure that out, but there’s plenty of action.
Penguins, carpet shops and wangs out are the tip of the ice berg.