Wolf Music Podcast 4: Ian Blevins

Its my privilige to asked to compile the 4th installment of Wolf Music’s Podast series Wolf Music has had a string of excellent EP released over the last couple of years featuring producers such as PBR, Eddie C, Cottam, Session Victi and the Revenge to name but a few artists. Check out and buy the releases at Juno or Junodownload

Anyhow here is the MIX

Download Link

MDCL Rhodes intro

Krystal Klear – Tried for Love – All City

Awanto 3 – Get that BeeDeeBee – Rush Hour

Dr Dunks – Tight – Keep it cheap

Nebraska – Bar Story – Rush Hour

Vandervolgens Haunted House – Have some candles – Black Disco

Aphex Twin – Ptolemy –

Cottam 4 – A1 – Cottam

Negghead – Being Sascha Dive mix – Wax:On Records

Ananda Project – Many starred sky – King Street

Nick Turner – Keep on – Sound Kemystry

Omar S – Loop – FHXE

Nicolaas Jaar – Love you gotta Lose again – Double Standard


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