After a great reaction to my last EP, the second Ep for ESP Institute is now in the shops at such as Juno and Phonica. It was also a staff pick over at Piccadilly Records

‘Resume’ was made not long after I made ‘Hannibal’ so I was sort of in the same headspace and mood when I created it. ‘Poor Old Head’ was made on a Sunday afternoon after a particularly heavy night. It’s not something I do very often as a hangover usually ends up with me eating and being glued to the TV. i remember it being a fairly nice day and with the window open and sun shining it helped my ‘poor old head’ to make this. Some initial feedback from the EP tells me that Laurent Garnier is a fan, and if thats not a good enough reason to go out and grab the record I don’t know what is.

Massive thanks again goes To Andrew at ESP Institute for letting me release music on such a great label. Truly grateful.



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